Mobile phone film, several big mistakes, please read.

Today’s mobile phone manufacturers are committed to make the screen harder, and in the publicity to highlight their screen is hard, wear-resistant, and even do not need to film.
First of all, you should know that high hardness can be carved with low hardness, while low hardness can not leave scratches on the high hardness.
The Mohs hardness of the common steel knife is 5.5 (the mineral hardness is generally expressed by “Mohs hardness”). Now the mainstream phone screens are between 6 and 7, harder than steel knives and most metals.
However, in daily life, there are many ubiquitous fine sand and stones. The Mohs hardness of the general sand is about 7.5, which is higher than the mobile phone screen. When the mobile phone screen touches the sand, there is a risk of being scratched.
Therefore, the most obvious consequence of the mobile phone without film is that the screen is prone to scratches. Many tiny scratches are not noticeable when the screen is lit up.
Although the toughened film will also be scratched, but the scraping on the phone screen is not fixed, and will also affect the experience of the phone. The cost of changing a screen is much higher than changing a toughened film.

Myth two: stick the membrane of the mobile phone, more likely to hurt the eyes.
Many people think that the light transmittance of the phone film is the main reason for eye injury, because the light of the phone screen may be reduced after the film, thus affecting the visual effect.
In view of this problem, ophthalmology experts pointed out that the light transmittance of the mobile phone film reached more than 90% generally will not have any impact. In fact, now most of the toughened film can achieve more than 90% of the light transmittance. High transparency, no wear of the film, there is little impact on the eyes.
The correct statement should be: inferior, wear fuzzy mobile phone film is easy to hurt the eyes.
General mobile phone use for a period of time, the surface of the mobile phone film is prone to scratches. Therefore, if the mobile phone film is not replaced for a long time, through the film and then look at the screen, the image will not be so clear, look at the screen will be more laborious, which is easy to cause visual fatigue. In addition, if the quality of the film is not good, the molecules are not uniform, it will lead to uneven light refraction, and the long-term look will also affect the eyes.
Now the quality of toughened film on the market is uneven, we should pay attention to brand reputation and product quality. There are professional evaluation experts on the 13 mainstream brands of the toughened film on the market, after the ball test, pressure edge test, wear resistance test and other multi-dimensional measurement, and published a comprehensive list of the indicators. Among them, the representative brand with excellent performance and exquisite workmanship ranked in the forefront, you can also refer to the purchase.
Of course, the most important factor in eye fatigue is the frequency, time and light environment of using the phone. Compared with the film, excessive use of the eye is the real “vision killer”. I hope you will not play with mobile phones for a long time and develop the habit of using mobile phones reasonably.
Myth three: stick the toughened film, the mobile phone screen will not break.
The fall resistance of the tempered film has always been exaggerated. The toughened film can play a shock buffer role, reducing the probability of the inner screen being broken. But it’s not that with the toughened film, the screen won’t break.
When the phone falls to the ground, if the screen is facing the ground, then the toughened film can usually play 80% of the protection role. At this time, the toughened film is generally broken and the phone screen is not broken.
But if the back of the phone touches the ground and then falls on the ground, then a lot of the time the phone will just break the screen.
When the corner fall, the impact is also fatal to the screen, because the force area is small, the pressure is large, at this time, even if there is the protection of the toughened film, the screen is easy to “blossom”. Now many toughened film is 2D or 2.5D non-full coverage design, the corners of the mobile phone screen will be exposed, such a fall must be directly fell to the screen. Usually when the phone falls, it is from the corners of the ground, although the toughened film can absorb some energy, the risk of the screen is still quite large. Therefore, in order to better protect the mobile phone, the light film is not enough, but also to wear a mobile phone case, it is best to be the thickened air bag shell, can more effectively disperse the impact force, shock absorption and anti-fall.

Post time: May-19-2023