How to choose a suitable privacy screen protector?

Privacy screen protective film effect is obvious, by a lot of many computers, mobile phone users, but its shortcomings can not be ignored. On the one hand, the small blades in the privacy screen protector will block part of the light, causing that even if users want to view the screen from the front, they will find that the screen is darker than before the film, and the original bright color and visual effect are greatly reduced. Under such conditions, the eyes are more prone to fatigue, the vision may be affected; on the other hand, there is no corresponding industry standard, the market privacy screen screen quality is uneven, some businesses for the benefit of the fake privacy screen screen with low production technology and technology cost, not only can not achieve the anti-peep effect, but also damage the eyesight.
So when we choose a toughened film, we need to consider both highly prevent peep, but also to achieve high standard light transmittance to reduce the damage to their own eyes.
A good hd privacy screen protector needs to consider two important points: 1. anti-peep Angle 2. Light transmittance. The smaller the anti-peep Angle, the higher the protection of information. High light transmittance can effectively restore the brightness and color degree of the mobile phone itself, save electricity and effectively protect the eyes.
The screen protector provides side-to-edge protection for your device. Prevent dust from accumulating at the edge, leaving no dust space.
The accompanying curved edge line is also covered, making the phone look like it has no case. It also protects your eyes from light for softer visuals.

Post time: Feb-20-2023