Hydrocoagulation film and tempered glass film which feel good?

Curved screen Hydrocoagulation film, face screen tempered glass film.

The hydrocoagulation film is somewhat different from the tempered glass film in the past. This mobile phone film is thinner and softer, with good ductility, which can fit well on the curved mobile phone, and has a certain ability to repair small scratches.(But there are limits) water coagulation film is a kind of tempered glass film, but the texture is softer than the traditional tempered glass film, better fitting performance. In the past, some products need to spray water when pasting, but now many water coagulation films do not need this step, so it has nothing to do with water, but the essence is also water coagulation film.


Compared with the tempered glass film, the hydrocoagulation film has a greater advantage is that it can perfectly fit the mobile phone screen. Therefore, after the birth of the curved screen and 2.5D screen, it gradually emerges and is welcomed by many users. However, water coagulation film is, after all, tempered glass film, in hardness, light transmittance, scratch resistance and wear resistance certainly can not be comparable to the tempered glass film.. The greater advantage of tempered glass film is the natural feel, and high hardness, not easy to appear scratches, good protection ability. And the glass itself is better than plastic, the look and feel will be closer to the tempered glass film when the state of the film.

Post time: Apr-15-2023