Iphone14 mobile phone series protective film

The Apple Iphone14 series of mobile phones will be released in September this year, and the Apple Iphone14 series is also expected to have four new models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14Max, iPhone 14Pro and iPhone 14Pro Max.

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At present, MAXWELL Tech has data for Apple iphone 14 series tempered film manufacturers, which can be ordered for delivery, suitable for iPhone 14, iPhone 14Max, iPhone 14Pro and iPhone 14Pro Max mobile phone series 2.5D HD / silk screen / anti-blue light / anti-peep / frosted / anti-bacterial / anti-glare / TPU protective film / lens film / green tempered film and other protective films, are now in large quantities, with a special locator for film, welcome to request samples / place an order, seize the market and win the opportunity !


MAXWELL tech has been focusing on the research, development and manufacture of mobile phone protective films for more than 12 years. Perfect after-sales service system, providing differentiated customized services for middle and high-end customers, rich experience in OEM customization, the company has passed ISO quality management system standards to meet the needs of various customers (mobile phone, tablet brand manufacturers, e-commerce big sellers, export traders Wait). The new model is updated quickly and the size is accurate, helping customers to occupy the market faster and achieve better profits. Welcome to visit our company, learn about our production process, experience the quality of our products, so that you can negotiate and cooperate with us without any worries!

Post time: Oct-08-2022