Is a mobile phone case useful? Is a mobile phone case protective case necessary?

The specific function of the mobile phone case

1. Protect the mobile phone to prevent hard objects from leaving scratches on the screen or body of the mobile phone.
2. Various patterns can be DIYed on the mobile phone case, which has the effect of beauty and fashion!
3. The silicone shell can prevent the nails from being scratched and worn out from contact with the buttons for a long time, and has the function of protecting the screen and buttons.
4. The silicone shell has a non-slip effect.


Advantages of phone cases:

The features of mobile phone protective case are: anti-slip, shock-proof, scratch-proof, drop-proof, wear-resistant, distinctive, cool, enhance the service life, can show a person's personality.

Disadvantages of phone cases:

1. If the hard case does not fit the phone perfectly, it will also cause wear and tear to the phone.
2. The metal phone case will interfere with the mobile phone signal to a certain extent.
3. The mobile phone case made of tpu material is easy to change color.

The phone case also has extended application functions

The phone case uses a flexible circuit and a flexible e-ink screen, which can be bent at will without damage. The internal flexible screen supports touch operation. After being installed on the mobile phone, it can realize "book mode" and "notebook mode", and some shortcut operation buttons will be displayed on the screen, such as text cut, paste, return and so on. Simply put, it is the integrated screen inside the opening and closing mobile phone case for extended applications. Thanks to the addition of flexible circuits and screens, phone cases can be made thinner, making them more practical.


Should you use a mobile phone case?

In order to prevent the wear and tear of smartphones, many users put all kinds of mobile phone cases on them. But should you wear a phone case? Is the phone case good? Some professionals remind smartphone users that putting on a phone case to prevent damage to the smartphone will consume a lot of excess power.

It is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the mobile phone, especially the mobile phone case made of silicone material is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the mobile phone, and it is easy to cause the body to overheat, and it may cause an explosion in a particularly serious case. CCTV experiments also proved that the same mobile phone can be used for more than 3 years without a case, and up to 2 years with a case. In fact, when manufacturers design mobile phones, they have already considered the protection of the casing and other issues, and adding a cover to the mobile phone is often unnecessary.

Some manufacturers say that the safe charging temperature of lithium batteries in smartphones is 45 degrees Celsius, and the safe temperature when using them is 60 degrees Celsius. Although it will vary depending on the phone, it feels a little hot without the case, and the battery will probably reach around 50 degrees Celsius. If you feel hot through the phone case, I am afraid it exceeds the safe temperature.

What happens if the battery exceeds a safe temperature? According to the characteristics of lithium batteries, the heat is out of control, and the battery will age at a rate dozens of times more than the normal amount. May be unusable due to uncontrolled heat. Overheating of the battery can cause a fire or explosion. Even using a metal case with high heat dissipation is a wrong approach. Although there will not be the problem of overheating of the battery, it will affect the signal received by the mobile phone. The mobile phone will consume more power to receive stronger signals, so the metal shell is also not advisable.

Maybe you want to protect your phone from wear and tear, or maybe you want to make the phone's dazzling phone case attract other people's attention. However, if the aging of the mobile phone battery is accelerated by wearing an extra mobile phone case, is it not worth the gain?

The most terrible thing is not the damage to the phone by the heat itself, but the cover contains a more terrible thing: benzene. Benzene is a super carcinogenic substance, and the mobile phone case we use carries this super carcinogenic benzene. As we make and receive calls, send and receive WeChat, benzene will directly enter your five chapters and six organs along with the respiratory tract, and the higher the temperature. , benzene is released more strongly. Friends who use mobile phone sets should pay attention, what material mobile phone protective cover to choose is the safest for the mobile phone and for themselves.

Post time: Sep-16-2022