Mobile phone tempered glass film has the top five major effects

Five effects of mobile phone tempered glass film:

1, high sensitivity of touch;
2, long-term use of eyes is not easy to fatigue, better protection of vision;
3, super scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, explosion-proof, waterproof, oil prevention;
4, a clear picture, highlights the three-dimensional sense, improve the visual effect;
5, automatic exhaust bubbles, anti-bubbles, anti-bacteria, anti-glare, radiation prevention;
For smart phones, its screen is easy to be affected by the outside world, if you do not pay attention to will scratch the screen, the use of a long time will become more and more blurred, and finally lead to the screen can not see the relevant content, and the mobile phone toughened glass protective film can avoid the emergence of these problems. Mobile phone tempered glass protective film is the first launched in the United States in 2012, after the launch won the love of the majority of consumers, the thickness of this protective film is generally only 0.26 mm, can cover the original screen is very good, so that it can prevent the damage of external forces, scratch, but also increase the impact absorption. The tempered glass protective film is 5 times higher than the standard of the PET membrane. Generally, it doesn’t affect the effect of watching the video. The surface of the toughened glass protective film of the mobile phone is treated with oil prevention, which can make fingerprints and oil stains not easy to stay on its surface, which is very simple to clean.

Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Post time: Mar-16-2023