Put on the Maxwell iPhone ultra-clear nano-microcrystalline tempered film and say goodbye to the broken screen of the mobile phone

It has been a while since the latest Apple iPhone 14 series was launched, and I believe many people have already used this latest Apple flagship phone. However, for some friends who are easy to drop their mobile phones, it may be a step that cannot be missed to purchase a protective case and tempered film for the mobile phone after replacing the new phone, especially considering the replacement cost of the iPhone 14 series exceeding 2,000 yuan. Protecting the screen with a tempered film is the best way to protect your phone and wallet. So in today’s mixed tempered film market, which tempered film has a better protection effect and user experience? The Maxwell ultra-clear nano-microcrystalline tempered film to be introduced next may be a reliable choice.


Since it is a tempered film, its primary function is to protect the screen of the mobile phone from being broken in case of an accident. Maxwell ultra-clear Kano-micro crystalline tempered film adopts the world’s exclusive authorized Kano-crystalline material. It uses the characteristics of slow rebound factor to resist strong impact and protect the screen from breaking. Whether it is a steel ball drop test or a heavy object and heavy pressure test, its All passed smoothly, showing good rigidity and toughness. The tempered film also incorporates optical-grade glass embryo casting technology and high-temperature precision molding technology, which can block the spread of cracks, so that the screen will not appear cracked and broken, thereby reducing the degree of screen loss. Due to the use of upgraded Kano-micro crystalline composite materials, it can also withstand more than 30,000 friction tests. Compared with other ordinary glass films, it has better anti-drop and anti-scratch performance.

In addition to the protection effect, its performance in display effect is also very good. Maxwell ultra-clear nano-microcrystalline tempered film adopts CNC engraving process, 1:1 micron-level precision cutting, which can achieve seamless full coverage and fit, and there will be no black edges around the screen that will affect the look and feel. The nano-microcrystalline material of the tempered film has anti-reflection crystals, and the light transmittance is as high as 91%. It can realize 8K ultra-clear images, allowing the screen to present a true original visual perception, clearer and more eye-friendly.

The honeycomb dust-proof net can prevent dust from entering the handset and affecting the call quality. It has also carried out special processing in the face ID recognition area, and there will be no such thing as blocking the camera sensor and affecting the face recognition speed. The tempered film has also undergone rigorous measurements, and it will not affect the wearing of the mobile phone case in the film state, and it can also prevent warping.

In order to bring a more comfortable use experience, Maxwell ultra-clear nano-microcrystalline tempered film has also added many small details to the design. It adopts a 120-degree large arc edge design, and the toughened film will not cut your hand when your finger touches the edge of the screen. The handset of its mobile phone also adopts a newly upgraded integrated

No matter how good the performance of the tempered film is, as long as there is a small flaw in the film application process, it will affect the later use. To this end, Maxwell specially equipped the tempered glass with an upgraded version of the zero-dust warehouse film artifact. Just follow the steps to put the tempered glass and the mobile phone in the designated place, and you can easily complete the film application regardless of the environment and dust, even outdoors.

Post time: Dec-28-2022