Samsung S22 Ultra news: 45W + tempered film, do you expect it?

It is undeniable that the security measures of Samsung mobile phones in the past two years are really not very good. Before each new phone is released, there will be a lot of news in the market, whether it is hardware or design, it is very clear. Even this year’s Samsung Note series has not launched a new phone, and it has long been exposed. If users do not have a psychological expectation, then it may have a huge impact on Samsung. So at the current stage of the market, news about Samsung’s new phones has gradually begun to be released, that is, the Samsung S22 series. There have been a lot of news recently. So today I will chat with you about some news about Samsung S22 Ultra, and see how strong the product itself is. According to the news from the market, the tempered film of the Samsung S22 Ultra has been exposed. It can be said that basically it will adopt a square design language similar to the Note series, and the screen ratio is still invincible.
In other words, if nothing else, this year’s Samsung S22 series may integrate the Note series and the S series to focus on a new market.
However, from the perspective of the tempered film, the author thinks that the Samsung S series seems to have changed, because if the design of the Samsung S22 Ultra is the same as that of the Note series, then the Samsung S series will not have the same characteristics as before.
What’s more, it was previously reported that the parameters of the Samsung S22 and Samsung S22+ will not be particularly strong, and the appearance is also a direct-screen design.
It can be seen that when the design of the Samsung Note series is placed on the Samsung S22 Ultra, it feels really “reincarnated”.
Perhaps what Samsung mobile phones cancel is not just the Note series, but the rebirth of the Samsung Note series on the Samsung S series.
Of course, these are just some guesses by the author. Just looking at the tempered glass itself, the appearance is worthy of recognition, at least you don’t have to worry about any problems with the display.
In order to better protect the screen of the mobile phone, generally we will paste the tempered film, but if you do not master the good skills when pasting the tempered film, it will be very easy to stick crooked or bubbles, especially the recently popular music It is even more difficult to stick the tempered film on the screen, which really stumped a large number of friends.

So what should I do if the tempered film on the curved screen is not attached tightly? Now let me give you a detailed introduction to the technique of sticking the film.
Step 1: When we choose a tempered film for a mobile phone with a curved screen, we cannot choose a tempered film that can fit the curved screen completely, so we need to choose a tempered film that is slightly smaller than the curved screen of the mobile phone.
Step 2: When we prepare the tempered film, we will usually present an artifact of auxiliary film, which is to allow us to better film. You need to wipe the screen with an alcohol cloth to wipe off all the dust on the screen, and it can also prevent static electricity, and then wipe it again with a dry cloth to wipe off the remaining water stains on the screen of the mobile phone
Step 3: After we clean the screen of the mobile phone, we can align the tempered film in the middle of the curved screen, and then gently discharge all the residual air inside from top to bottom to prevent the tempered film from producing air bubbles.

Post time: Jan-09-2023