Sticking mobile phone film can play the role of dustproof and anti-scratch!

After buying a mobile phone, many people will habitually put film on the mobile phone. Because they think that putting a film on the mobile phone will block the dust in the air to a certain extent and make the mobile phone cleaner. Moreover, if the mobile phone film is attached to the surface of the mobile phone, the impact of scratches on the mobile phone store can be blocked, and the inner screen of the mobile phone can be protected.

In addition to being dustproof and anti-scratch, the mobile phone film can also play a waterproof role. Sometimes we accidentally let the mobile phone get wet with water, so it is easy to damage the internal parts of the mobile phone. If we stick a layer of mobile phone film on the surface of the mobile phone, it can isolate the water to a certain extent. It flows into the mobile phone and affects the mobile phone.

mobile phone tempered glass(2)

There are many types of films for mobile phones, including ordinary films, tempered films, and hydrogel films. With the continuous advancement of technology, the functions and types of protective films are becoming more and more complete. We can choose the appropriate protective film according to our needs. . The main purpose of the mobile phone film is to prevent the screen from being broken, or to avoid scratches on the mobile phone screen due to wear and tear of hard objects. Putting a layer of protective film is equivalent to wearing a piece of clothing for the mobile phone, so that he will not be directly exposed to complex environments. . In the actual use process in the past, the protective film has also made me feel the effect many times. It is inevitable that when the hand slips in life, the mobile phone will accidentally fall to the ground. At this time, if the screen touches the ground first, it is very likely that It will shatter, but if it is protected by a tempered film, the tragic result of a broken screen can be avoided. Now the mobile phone film has a certain explosion-proof function, which can make them play a certain protective role when they bump into hard objects.


When the tempered film is attached to the mobile phone, the psychological comfort is greater than the actual protective effect. The existence of such a tempered film will make us more relaxed and natural when using the mobile phone, and we will not always beware of the mobile phone screen falling. Buy your own insurance. With the advancement of science and technology, the protective function of tempered film is also constantly improving. The protective function of many tempered films has been tested in practice, so we can choose a trustworthy tempered film to stick on the phone. The tempered film can not only provide a layer of protection for our mobile phone, but also relieve some of the force when the mobile phone is dropped, so that no scratches are left when it is bumped. Just passing the film can also provide us ordinary mobile phone users with a sense of security, so that we will not be cautious when using mobile phones. The price of smartphones is very expensive nowadays. Many people buy their mobile phones for several thousand dollars. If the screen is broken and choose to replace, it often costs one or two thousand dollars to repair.

Post time: Nov-10-2022