Suitable for iPhone 14 privacy screen protector full coverage anti spy tempered glass film 9H hardness

Suitable for iPhone 14, membrane, to fully protect your cell phone. Privacy screen protector, in no case do you have to worry about the next person reading your message. It also protects your eyes from light damage, creating a softer visual effect.

Full coverage This screen protector provides side to side protection for your device. Prevent dust from accumulating around the edge, leaving no dust space. Including curved edge lines are also covered, making the phone look like there is no protective cover.
Anti-spy tempered glass provides better protection for your phone, choosing high quality materials to produce quality screen protectors. Choose * the right color depth for peep coating for privacy and visual comfort. Hide the privacy and sensitive information of strangers in public places. Note: The screen brightness of the device decreases slightly when using this protective film. Brightness can be increased appropriately.
Compatible with facial ID, easy to install precise cut, suitable for iPhone 14 this screen protector will not affect the facial ID function. Aim at the edge, easily complete the protective film surface, smooth touch allows you to enjoy every touch of your phone.

Post time: May-05-2023