What are the hidden functions of the mobile phone protective film?

Nowadays, people are inseparable from mobile phones. How to better protect mobile phones and obtain convenience by protecting mobile phones has become the focus of many people’s attention. The value of the mobile phone protective film has been recognized, many people know that its function is good, most people will stick the mobile phone protective film, and not only stick once. In this context, the mobile phone protective film is also being updated, keeping pace with The Times, let’s understand the hidden functions of the mobile phone protective film.

First, can realize the anti-scratch effect. After buying the cell phone back. It’s easy to scratch if not protected. And scratch this thing often happens, many people have such a feeling, no matter because of nails or hard things, or when too rough, there will always be all kinds of scratch traces, once the scratch is difficult to restore to the original state, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder is unbearable. If you have a phone protective film, don’t have to worry, once you can replace the phone protective film to restore the original state.

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Second, it can achieve the buffer effect of the fall. In the sudden hardness of collision or instability, the phone fell down, the screen impact of the phone is quite large, it is easy to explode the screen, if you have the phone protective film at this time, such a situation is not easy to appear. This is because the mobile phone protective film can protect the screen after the paste, and can also achieve a good buffer effect when there is a hard collision, which can further prevent the mobile phone screen from exaggerated traces, even if the screen will not crack, there will be no glass damage hand injury.

Mobile phone protective film hidden function introduction

First, prevent blue light. Blue damage to mobile phones, a lot of people already know, most of the time blue light easy to hurt the cornea, it is easy to let the eyes tired, appear problems such as myopia astigmatism, if long contact to mobile phone blue light is prone to all kinds of eye disease, and modern cannot leave the mobile phone, the potential risk is not look down upon. At this time, if you have a mobile phone protective film, everything is different. The worrying problems can be reduced. It can inhibit the damage of blue light to the eyes, and do not worry too much about using the eyes for a long time.
Second, protect privacy. Mobile phone protection film can protect privacy, which is not a thing that does not exist, but really exists and always brings you better protection of the choice, in the use of there will be no mobile phone screen with various fingerprints, and a strong reflective effect, so as to prevent privacy from being viewed. How much do you know about the function of the mobile phone protective film? Perhaps some people think that the function of mobile phone is to protect the mobile phone, but under the development of The Times, now the protective film function of mobile phone is gradually increasing, the quality and use texture are getting better and better, can let everyone feel the dividend of science and technology.


Post time: Mar-02-2023