What is the function of anti-peeping tempered glass?

The role of anti-peeping tempered glass:
Compared with ordinary tempered glass, anti-peeping tempered glass adds an anti-peeping layer on the basis of ordinary tempered glass, and applies micro-shutter technology, just like office shutters. By adjusting the angle, different viewing experiences can be achieved. The design of the anti-peeping tempered glass is more compact, just like reducing the blinds by tens of thousands of times, through the function of optical angle control, the viewing angle is narrowed, that is to say, the people next to you can only stand within the viewing angle. In order to see the contents of your phone clearly.
Is anti-peeping tempered glass really useful?
Under normal circumstances, the anti-spy film must have a certain effect. Standing in the middle with a mobile phone in hand, the people on the left and right sides cannot see the content of your mobile phone. In their field of vision, they can only see a piece of darkness. And if you choose to lower the brightness of the phone, the effect of anti-peeping will be even better.
How to choose anti-peeping tempered glass?
Anti-peeping tempered glass, the screen is visible to people within a 28° range, and people next to it can only see different shades of purple screen. Protect your privacy and sensitive information in public.
Tempered glass with 9H hardness, more impact-resistant and scratch-resistant. It perfectly balances privacy protection and sensitive touch, ensuring fast application operation and responsive gaming experience.

Post time: Feb-10-2023