Which screen protector tempered Glass is better? Why choose screen protector tempered glass?

Good sensitivity and high light transmittance. Compared to the previous frosted film, the screen is really clear, because we all know that the advantage of the frosted film is not easy to produce fingerprints, the disadvantage is that the light transmittance is relatively high definition will almost point.

Anti-scratch. Ordinary scratch-proof film is also scratch-proof, this Xiaobian is also clear, but the degree of scratch-proof is not the same. Art knife, scissors or scratch, scratch, still no scratches. Ordinary scratch-proof film is not trained to this extent.
Waterproof and oil prevention without fingerprints or traces. Water droplets to the surface of the toughened glass film is really dripping into beads, the screen stand up the water will naturally slide away, not too much water stains, a wipe clean. Oil pen on the top smear to write, paper towel or non-woven cloth or, a wipe immediately clean. Ordinary protective film is really not that strong.

Easy to Install,Includes guidance frame to provide accurate installation, dust-free, fingerprint-free, bubble free, one-push super easily installation.

Post time: Mar-10-2023