Why many people don’t like curved screens, the advantages of straight screens that you don’t know are here!


I still remember that all the mobile phones in the past were all designed with straight screens, but I don’t know when, the new thing of curved screen appeared, and curved screen is one of the symbols of high-end mobile phones, basically many of them equipped with curved screens are high-end Flagship mobile phones, but there is always a maverick species. Apple, from the first generation to the current iPhone 12, all mobile phones released are all straight screens. It is a manufacturer that achieves the ultimate in curved screens. The waterfall screen in Huawei mate30pro, Huawei mate40pro, and many mobile phones released now are all 88-degree curved screens, and flagships such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, and oppo are all curved screens.

Then why are people shouting every day on the Internet, if there is a curved phone. Is the curved screen really so unbearable?

First of all, let’s take a look at the advantages of curved mobile phones. The advantages obtained by my back and forth technology feel like there is no border. This kind of micro-curved surface is the most comfortable. It is just right. It feels silky to the point of explosion. Gestures are also very comfortable to use. But the curved screen has two fatal flaws that are very unfriendly to consumers.

One is that it is difficult to stick the film. In the past, it was very easy to stick a tempered film on a direct-facing screen, but it is not so simple on a curved screen. Even the UV tempered film of the water screen that is launched now is either not as easy to paste as an ordinary tempered film, or the display effect is too poor and the hand feel too bad;

The second is that the curved screen is easy to break. Because of the tempered film, many people choose not to stick the tempered film, which may damage the screen due to a little carelessness.

Third, the maintenance of curved screens is expensive. The reason why mobile phones with curved screens are expensive has a lot to do with the screen. The maintenance cost is too expensive. Replacing a screen is equivalent to buying a new mobile phone.

The fourth is that it is easy to touch by mistake. Although the design of mobile phones is very user-friendly now, accidentally touch is unavoidable occasionally on the curved screen.

To sum up, these are the reasons why many friends hate curved screens. The direct screen is different. The first is the tempered film. There are many options to choose from, which can perfectly protect the screen of our mobile phone. The second is that you are not afraid of accidental touches. After all, it is reasonable to use the flat screen for so long. Whether you are playing games or watching movies, there will be no false touches. The experience is very good, and the editor switched from the original mate20pro back to the direct screen.

Although the curved screen gives us a very good visual feeling, it does cause a lot of trouble in actual use. Therefore, in comparison, direct screens are cheaper and easier to use. So if it were you, would you choose a phone with a straight screen or a curved screen?

Post time: Dec-28-2022